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Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost

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Friday, February 13, 2009

What's in a Name?

Choosing a name for a baby seems like such a huge responsibility. She's going to be called that forever. Our favorite names change pretty much every week. Right now, though, I really love the name Ivy. Schuyler likes it too. The problem is that Levi and Ivy sounds pretty cutesy and precious. It's kind of Levi backwards, without the L. That's a major deal breaker for Schuyler, but I'm not sure. Also disturbing is the look of this trend. We don't want to end up with a really popular and trendy name. So what do you think, keeping in mind that we don't really like cutesy, precious things?


Blogger Mike Croghan said...

I really like Ivy, but I have to admit that Schuyler's objection is not without merit.

I couldn't get the trends you linked to to work, but that same web site suggested that "Borat" was a good sibling name for Levi. I'm pretty sure it's a boy's name, but I figured it might be food for thought. ;-)

12:55 AM  
Blogger Ken Tennyson said...

We had similar concerns about naming Tristan, where Kieran is a similar sounding name (two syllables, almost same vowels, both end in AN, and both are Irish.

Anyway, we ended up going with Tristan because it just fit and we couldn't top it. So far it seems to be fine, although I am worried the first time I yell out the backyard, not sure how distinct they will be at a distance!

I do like Ivy, my guess is that after about two days you would never think about the similarity again...

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Mojo said...

How about Mildred? Or Gertrude? Nothing cute about those names. And you can shorten them to unusual nicknames, too, like "Dred" and "Rude".

11:52 AM  
Blogger P3T3RK3Y5 said...

i like Ivy too. but then i hate it when those trends happen like that... ugh.

240 Ivy's per million baby's... in my high school of 2000 (figuring half were girls) there would be 1 Ivy for four schools. thats pretty respectable.

3:46 PM  
Blogger [REDACTED] said...

Pete, you make a good point. Since 1980, the best fit regression shows that Ivy has been gaining in popularity at a rate of approximately 4% per annum since 1985. At the current rate of growth, it would be approximately 175 years before even 1 in 100 girls was named Ivy. However, it would only be 230 years before EVERY girl is named Ivy. So take this analysis for what it's worth.

7:56 PM  
Blogger Rainbow Swirlz said...

I really like the name Ivy!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the first grandchild and named my daughter Hannah. My twin sister always liked the name Savannah, but we thought cousins named Hannah and Savannah was a bit too much - even for twin sisters!

BTW, our names don't match!

10:27 PM  
Blogger kate said...

Ken said pretty much everything I was going to say. I don't think you'd even think about it once you associated that sweet new little face with the name. Matt felt really weird saying "Maddie" for a little bit (used to be his nickname as a kid), but now it's just her, not him.
It doesn't seem like a common name to me. I like it! I say, go for the name you like the best.

12:50 PM  

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