Nothing Gold

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh for an Idyllic Childhood

I took Adah to toddler story time at the Westover library today. She loved it. Poor Adah doesn't get to go to nearly as many toddler activities as her brother did at her age. And he was never actually very interested. He was always one of the ones running off down the aisles instead of listening to the story. Adah wouldn't take her coat off or stand up for any songs, but she sat in my lap, clutching my thumbs for dear life, completely enrapt. She would get a huge grin and clap as hard as she could while still holding on to my thumbs. I really need to take her to more of those things.
This particular library branch is out in the McKinley neighborhood, where we considered living when we were moving down here. The neighborhood is much different than our current one. For one example the crowd at the library was about half moms and dads (okay moms and dad) and half nannies. At our library it would be nearly all nannies. For what we currently pay in rent we could get an actual house there, with a backyard. We actually drove past a house we considered renting. It would be walking distance to that library. Also to the Lost Dog Cafe, which is awesome. There are sidewalks and trees and parks and room to ride bikes. I had to think really really hard about how AWESOME Levi's school is in order to not have a mild panic attack.
I worry so much that we are ruining our children's childhoods by making them live here in an apartment with no yard, not much good in the way of walkable parks and a bunch of neighbors that hate kids. I love Levi's school and I can only hope with all my being that it's worth it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Germy germs at Target

Adah and I went to Target yesterday. We used to go there a lot but we don't as much anymore because of the whole Minnesota Forward thing. We wanted to check if their toys had gone to 90% off. They hadn't. We also needed to get some sandpaper for Levi's pinewood derby car. Adah and I had some fun wandering around checking out what was on sale. Adah helped push the cart.
I got a tiny electric screwdriver on clearance. Maybe this is embarrassing to admit, but we haven't had a working drill/screwdriver thing for awhile. We occasionally wish we did. The one I bought is pink. I don't really understand why they decided to start making pink tools. Did someone say, "You know, women aren't buying a lot of tools. Maybe they would if the tools were cuter," and the other people said, "Yes! Great idea! Make them pink! Women love things that are pink!"
They don't even support breast cancer research. They're just pink.
After wandering around some more and making a few more random selections we went to check out. I walked up to an open cashier. She said, "how are you today?" with a big sigh and forehead sweep. I said, "I'm pretty good. Are you doing okay?"
She told me that she thought she had the flu. I was sympathetic but also rather disgusted. I smiled and tried to help her out but I couldn't help shrinking away from her and hoping she didn't touch my stuff too much. Then she tried to give Adah a high-five. Come on! If she doesn't have the sense to keep her germy hands away from babies, what are the chances she thinks to wash them often while she's sick? Luckily Adah is terrified of strangers and turned away in a huff at the offer. It's the first time I've been glad she did that. I can understand that this woman doesn't make very much money and probably can't afford to stay home even if her manager would let her. I'm not mad at her (ok, I am, but only for trying to high-five my child not for coming in to work). I am mad at Target. They need to have some kind of procedure in place. There's got to be an easier, less public, job this very ill woman could be doing until she gets better. Cashier is the 2nd worst job they could have her working. The restaurant would be worse. But they have a ton of jobs she could be doing. They really didn't need to have her dealing directly with customers.
Maybe I shouldn't be shopping at a store that doesn't treat its employees well in the first place. But that would put some responsibility on me. Hmmm.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Think I can restart this blogging thing?

I'm going to try to start writing on my blog this year. It's not a resolution, I don't really do that. I just want everyone to start blogging again, so I'm gonna try too.

I was supervising Levi's homework yesterday. He was doing a math sheet, which is something he enjoys. The sheet was about fractions. One of the questions was, "would you rather share a candy bar with one other person or two other people?"
He had written 'two'. Knowing that that was the wrong answer I prepared to talk to him about it until I read the answer to the follow up 'explain why' question. He had written, "I like to hang out."
So he may not know more math than me, but he looks to be shaping up to be a better person than I. I'm very much cool with that.