Nothing Gold

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost

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Monday, August 29, 2005

On a Beautiful Place

It's Memory Lane Monday time again. This photo is from high school. My friend Sarah and I went camping with my family and we are hanging out in our bikinis on a high-above-a-stream log. It was a little scary, but very fun. I do miss Mt. Rainier so.

Now I think I have ruffled a few feathers knocking east coast mountains. Of course, my friends are not the type to be actually offended, and they know that it is all in good fun. I can't fairly knock mountains that I have never actually been to and the mountains in North Carolina and Vermont and West Virginia are probably very nice to hike on. I think it all comes down to what you were raised on. I love seeing mountains that are just so there. On a clear day you can see Mt. Rainier from really far away and it is so beautiful. And you can look around and see Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams and also lots of hills. And the mountains are different from the hills because the tops of the hills are not white with snow or touching the clouds. Also, growing up I was less than 45 minutes away from being "in the mountains". Actually much less as a high school driver:) And we used to go camping nearly every weekend in the summers. So, mountain, to me means much more than the scientific definition. It means a silhouette against the sky. It means the ground being covered in pine needles. It means trees so thick you can't see more than a few yards in from the road. And I would love to visit and explore and learn about these other places, but it will never be the same to me. And I know that there are places in the world more beautiful and majestic than Mt. Rainier, but I know I will miss it no matter where I am.


Blogger ArborSam said...

Special Places...we each should have them. so clearly illustrate that what makes a place special is not so much how special that place may be to the casual passerby but the special place that it occupies in your heart. To be there...filling your senses with the familiar aroma of fallen pine needles brings back the memories of what once sit in repose with passionate intentness almost feeling the light breeze bringing the cacophony of sound and riot of aromas, the water burbling, the ethereal fluting of the wood thrush...the moss between your bare toes in the icy stream...You take this with you always, shimmering and full of significance, hold it close as one fortunate so blessed to have memories of mountains as these.

Thank you for the memories.

I can tell the pictures don't do it justice.

The mountains will bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness. Psalm 72:3

9:27 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

can someone tell me why Sam doesn't have a blog?

12:37 PM  
Blogger kate said...

I hope heaven is like the end of The Last Battle. Where all the special places we've ever known and loved, whether or not they "still exist" as such, are connected around the edges of the ocean, and can be visited any time.
Or at least that there's a planet like the forest moon of Endor (no Ewoks necessary, though I liked their sweet villages) that is easily accessible.

1:11 PM  
Blogger aBhantiarna Solas said...

I love this picture and keep coming back to look at it. What a beautiful place.

9:20 AM  

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